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The Role and Importance of Automation in Converged SDN Transport Networks

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Service providers are preparing for the next big rise in data consumption driven by Cloud, IoT and 5G with a multi-fold surge in bandwidth demand. The role of the service provider network as the critical backbone of the modern internet supporting these services has never been more critical.

On the other hand, service providers will be under significantly increased pressure to reduce the cost per bit and the total cost of ownership of their networks to stay profitable and meet the high customer expectations at the same time. Network automation will be critical to deliver the operational benefits of network convergence IP-optical paves the way to transform network economics

In this special webinar we will share new, market-defining research by Analysys Mason that explores:

  • Key market developments reshaping service provider priorities and how they will achieve significant network TCO reductions
  • Evolving architecture options for vendor-agnostic, hierarchical multi-layer transport networks
  • The state of industry standards direction
  • The essential need for automation and orchestration in converged SDN transport networks
  • Key capabilities hierarchical SDN controller software must demonstrate

We’ll also share an overview of how Cisco’s Converged SDN Transport architecture combined with Crosswork Automation solves these challenges, changing the economics of the network to deliver connected experiences at massive scale, turning your complex multilayer and multivendor infrastructure into a unified, easily controlled network. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Analysys Mason’s white paper on the session topic.

Event led by:
John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Product Marketing, Cisco
Larry Goldman, Chief Analyst, Analysys Mason,

Originally Recorded: September 21st, 2021