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Securing your 5G network - A highly effective and vendor agnostic security architecture for 5G

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5G and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) are here, and will further transform our lives in good ways. But are your network and services as secure as they need to be? A week does not pass without a news story about cyber-attacks - now, more than ever, the network must be secured and trusted. Our webinar will begin with a review of why and how 5G and MEC help evolve the disaggregation and distributed deployment models from the radio network, through the core and which applications and services are moving towards the network edge. We will then address the 5G specific threat surfaces and its mitigation techniques. Last but not the least the session will describe the actual deployment models to secure the edge deployments and edge services for 5G.

The session is intended for an audience working in 5G, MEC, Security Strategy and Planning, Telecom Strategy & Planning, Network Design or Operations teams in the Service Provider and Enterprise community, needing to understand the threat surface and its mitigation in 5G deployments. We will also cover topics around securing enterprise hosted Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) use cases.

CKN attendees will learn about the following and more:

  • Better understanding the surface threats
  • How to mitigate cyber-security threats as you build 5G networks and services
  • Securing critical segments like Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC)
  • Securing Enterprise 5G services and access

Event led by:
Pramod Nair - Technical Solutions Architect, Security Specialist

Originally Recorded: September 28th, 2021