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Modernizing Content Delivery with Open Caching

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OTT streaming media from live events, video-on-demand and software downloads dominate your network traffic load at peak hours and many other times throughout the day. By next year, Cisco predicts that video alone will account for a phenomenal 82 percent of all internet traffic. The growth of this traffic has direct impact on your network’s ability to effectively maintain user QoE in services and applications and may be the single most significant driver of your network expansion plans and capital costs. Until recently, OTT traffic was delivered by private and commercial CDNs into your network, and unfortunately, you had little visibility or control over the matter.

Open Caching, is a technology used by a groundbreaking solution launched jointly by Cisco and Qwilt last year. It helps convert the QoE challenges associated with OTT streaming into a new business opportunity. Open caching enables a modernized content delivery solution in which communications service providers (CSPs) have direct control of OTT traffic and can easily deploy “as-a-service” in their network. CSPs can then monetize the solution through high-quality content delivery service offerings to publishers.

Deployed by major service providers like British Telecom, TIM Brazil, Telecom Argentina and Verizon, Open Caching is a proven and sought-after approach for streaming content delivery. Moreover, a modernized content delivery solution can serve as the foundation for a CSP’s strategic telco cloud ambitions.

In this session you will learn:

  • About Open Caching and how its unique approach enables operators to take control of content delivery
  • About real world success stories of Open Caching with BT and Tim Brazil
  • How content delivery provides a pragmatic approach toward implementing more expansive edge compute use cases

Event led by:
Udi Lerner, VP Product Management, Qwilt
REPLACE WITH: Jesper Knutsson, VP Worldwide Sales, Qwilt

Originally Recorded: September 29th, 2021