Modernize Your Ports & Terminals, Boost Throughput and Efficiency

Thursday, October 14
2:00 PM CET

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Achieving efficient terminal operations has become increasingly more challenging due to growing volume of operations, increased costs and losses due to disruptions, increased concerns with cybersecurity and more.

To remain competitive and improve operational efficiency, automation of ports and terminals should be a strong consideration. Automation brings improvements in operational efficiencies, reduction in service disruptions and higher levels of security for critical infrastructure.

While digitizing and automating these environments has its benefits, it comes with challenges:

  • As you connect cranes, AGVs, straddle carriers, OCR solutions, TOS, etc. you need a network that is ultra-reliable with low-latency and fast hand-offs as delay or losses in communication results in operation interruption and financial losses.

  • Your connectivity also needs to operate in large areas with the presence of water, dust, wind, salt, and high stacks that can create dead zones for wireless connectivity

  • The more assets you connect to your network, the more vulnerable your system becomes to cyber threats. It is imperative to detect cybersecurity threats to avoid downtime.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Current industry trends and how the practical application of technology can support industrial operational transformations.

  • An example of an organization’s journey to build port capacity, visibility and digitization within operations.

  • How Cisco can aid in providing the solutions and technologies necessary to drive operational efficiencies in container handling and terminal yards.

We look forward to sharing with you industry trends, how we are approaching these issues, and how solutions can be developed to mitigate threats and plan for growth.

Featured Speakers

Stephanie Krishnan
Research Director, IDC

Jesmond Baldachino
Head of IT at Malta Freeport Terminals

Cosimo Malesci
Global IoT Sales Leader - Fluidmesh CURWB, Cisco

Don Leyn
Specialist in Ports, Terminals and Mining, Cisco
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