Wi-Fi 3D Heatmaps, AIOps, Automation, and More: The Next Evolution of Cisco DNA Center - Video on demand

The network is evolving, and so should the way you control it. Cisco DNA Center is the intuitive command and control center that acts as the core of an intent-based network. With a single network management console, gain the ability to optimize operations and lower expenses. Use artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to get real-time insights and automate tasks to run your network more efficiently.

Join us to see how Cisco DNA Center has evolved in its newest release. You’ll see a live demo of how you can get unprecedented 3D Wi-Fi visibility into your network to improve your wireless coverage for better user experiences. At this webinar, you will also learn about:

* New features in the latest release of Cisco DNA Center
* The three ways Cisco DNA Center can allow you to visualize the Wi-Fi coverage area and performance metrics of your wireless network: 2D heatmaps, 3D heatmaps, and AI/ML network heatmaps
* A new policy analytics dashboard to gain better insight into your network and enhance zero-trust networking

This session also includes a Q&A with our experts.

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