The Secrets Behind the Indy Autonomous Challenge

Thursday, October 28
10:00 AM PST

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been the proving ground for automotive innovation - like seat belts and anti-lock brakes - for over a century. Now, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has taken on an autonomous prize competition, with the goal of improving safety and performance of real-world autonomous operations. For months, students from all over the world have been developing the software, retrofitting cars, and testing their solutions to push the limits of autonomous innovation. Cisco is providing the critical wireless connectivity to and from the vehicles with the same technology that can be used to connect autonomous operations in other industries.

Curious how a self-driving race car works? Want to understand how Cisco IoT works on a track? Wondering what autonomy can do for your business?

Join us for a behind the scenes look at the Indy Autonomous Challenge:

  • Watch the competition highlights

  • Hear about the challenge from race participants, networking experts, and business leaders

  • Learn what is necessary for autonomous operations from a networking perspective

  • Get insights on the future of autonomous operations and how it can help your business

For a deep dive into autonomous vehicles and autonomous operations, be sure to register for our webinar on October 19th.

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