The State of Hybrid Cloud Automation from Industry Leaders - Video on Demand

Examine the current and future state of hybrid cloud automation with leading IT, cloud, and data center automation companies, including Cisco, HashiCorp, RedHat Anisble, and Puppet, in this live webinar. This open discussion and Q&A will dive into the challenges and opportunities in driving end-to-end automation across hybrid clouds and the best practices for managing these environments.

In this webinar, you will hear from industry experts on:

  • How businesses are managing the challenges of operating in a hybrid cloud world
  • What to consider when building a strategy for your cloud migration
  • Best practices for automating cloud migration in hybrid and public clouds
  • How rapid growth of containerization is impacting automation strategies
  • How IT organizations can measure ROI and an outlook on the future of hybrid cloud automation

This session will also include a Q&A with our team of experts.

Cisco Insider Series for Cloud
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