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Kubernetes Observability and Security: Creating DevSecOps Superheroes

Cloud-native application architectures are becoming mainstream, increasing the need for rapid container operationalization and increased security, as well as the tools to manage them. But organizations must simplify cloud-native deployments to keep up in a fast-paced environment while minimizing security risks. Now there is an opportunity for complete observability and security across your entire IT environment, making you a DevSecOps superhero.

In this webinar, our technical experts will demo:

  • Challenges faced in a cloud-native deployment
  • How observability and security risks get amplified in the process
  • How Intersight Kubernetes Service along with extensions such as Cisco Service Mesh Manager and Secure Cloud Native can simplify your deployments and minimize security risks
  • How Intersight Workload Optimizer can give you full observability into your cloud-native architecture

We’ll also host a Q&A.

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