Digitization of Maritime Supply Chain

Achieving efficient terminal operations has become increasingly more  challenging due to growing volume of operations, increased costs and losses due to disruptions, increased concerns with cybersecurity and more.

To remain competitive and improve operational efficiency, automation of ports and terminals should be a strong consideration. Automation brings improvements in operational efficiencies, reduction in service disruptions and higher levels of security for critical infrastructure. 

Discussed in this session:

  • Freight and logistics trends and supply chain impact
  • Malta Freeport Terminals journey to build port capacity, visibility and digitization within operations
  • Importance of mission critical connectivity and visibility for maritime operational technology outcomes

We hope you enjoy hearing the industry trends, how we are approaching common challenges, and how solutions can be developed to mitigate threats and plan for growth.

Featured Speakers:

Jesmond Baldacchino
Head of IT, Malta Freeport Terminals

Stephanie Krishnan
IDC Research Director, Manufacturing Insights Asia/Pacific

Andrew Johnstone & Carlo Sportiello
Specialists, Cisco IoT and Ultra Reliable Wireless Backhaul

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