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IDC 2021 Research – Opportunities and Challenges within the Mid/Small Service Provider (SP) Market

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The global communications market is fragmented in terms of the size and type of providers. While large SPs can significantly influence the global market, mid/small service providers have devised digital transformation strategies to compete and differentiate, despite spending a fraction of the capital investment made by larger providers. In addition, mid/small SPs have a smaller customer base and a limited number of technical staff. However, they have the same business and operational challenges of the larger SPs that are mostly driving digital transformation. The business approach of mid/small SPs is often entrepreneur oriented, which adds a uniqueness to the way in which they satisfy their customer's service needs.

IDC conducted a global research study concerning the state of SP's digitalization efforts—before, during, and as they work towards business resiliency post pandemic. IDC also authored a whitepaper analyzing mid/small SP challenges, opportunities and digitalization progress based on the key findings from this study. The paper notes the level of digital maturity exemplified by mid/small SPs across the Infrastructure, Automation and Orchestration, Customer Facing Services and Security business domains. This webinar highlights many of the findings noted in the whitepaper.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the mid/small service provider market
  • Key needs/challenges and market opportunities for mid/small SPs
  • Digital maturity in key business management domains such as automation
  • Guidance on how mid/small SPs can successfully advance in their digital transformation journeys

Event led by:

  • Yaron Agami, Cisco, Senior Manager Service Providers Marketing
  • Curtis Price, IDC, Program Vice President, Infrastructure Services
  • Karl Whitelock, IDC, Research Vice President, Communications Service Provider Operations & Monetization
  • Erich Grohse-Holz, Cisco, Business Analyst

Originally Recorded: December 7th, 2021