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Eliminate Congestion Surprises and Fire Drills Forever with Crosswork Cloud - Traffic Analysis as a Service

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Networks can be complex and often unpredictable. Traffic from over-the-top applications, automated systems, malicious attacks, or variations from simple operational errors can have unforeseen effects on traffic flows. SPs need effective tools to consume and correlate this critical traffic data at scale and at low operational cost. Cisco Crosswork Cloud-Traffic Analysis service is a new SaaS based application that provides rich analysis, visualization, and optimization recommendations for network traffic flows.

Traffic Analysis helps SPs understand the flow of traffic across key points in your network and is delivered as a scale-out cloud service. This session will include a demo of the solution along with some real-world use case examples.

In today’s webinar we’ll share how Cisco’s Crosswork Cloud can be a powerful addition to any network operations using always-on, always-up to date, SaaS-based services to help:

  • improve routing health,
  • increase network visibility,
  • maintain trustworthy infrastructure,
  • and generate network traffic insights.

Event Led By:

  • John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Product Marketing, Cisco
  • Martin Thygesan, Sr. Product Manager, Cisco Crosswork Cloud

Originally recorded: December 2nd 2021