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Service Provider Enterprise: Return to the office: hybrid and secure access on the new enterprise workplace

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The Enterprises, in different industries, locations and paces, are preparing their return to the office strategies. With all the differences and characteristics on that discussion, these strategies share the need for a flexible, hybrid and secure approach. The strategy must take into consideration a hybrid workplace, where office users will collaborate more than before with others remotely located.
We must consider the need for segmentation in the Campus and in the WAN, to cope with the needs of different traffic sharing the same physical networks and the multi-cloud access for services and applications. A network able to provide full visibility, performance, automation and control, simplifying the management of environments which get more complex. And, of course, able to secure the network access with the new challenges which come together with the new working model.

Event led by:
Marcio Drumond Costa, Technical Solution Architect, Global Service Providers EMEAR

Originally Recorded: January 25th, 2022

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