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Mitigating RAN congestion with Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization (CUTO)

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Everyone wants fast connections. Service providers face challenges on multiple fronts. Their networks must be able to handle ever increasing bandwidth demands and costs related to the tremendous increases in 4G/LTE usage along with the move to 5G. They must contend with faster speeds, more mobile connections, more mobile services, and more video. The top 20 percent of mobile users generate 62 percent of mobile data traffic, and large continuous flows of data often are the result of streaming video traffic. In fact, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, mobile video is projected to account for 79 percent of total mobile data traffic by 2022. The advent of new privacy protection enhancements by various applications like encryption, tunneling and proxy technologies adds further challenges to MNOs when it comes to traffic management.

Cisco CUTO (Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization), a key solution that helps MNOs mitigate RAN congestion, boost customers' broadband experience and brings network gains with the shortest time to value.
Join this session to learn more about CUTO and what gains it can bring you.
Key takeaways:
Learn how CUTO helps MNOs manage RAN congestion
Understand the potential savings and network improvements that CUTO can bring

Event led by:
Reuben Yap - Leader, Regional Sales, APJC SP Mobility Central
Mandar Pandit - Technical Solutions Architect, APJC SP Mobility EU
External Speaker - John Burnette

Originally Recorded: February 08th, 2022