How to prevent SAN Congestion: Roundtable discussion with Cisco and Miercom - Video on demand

As businesses rely more on their data, increased pressure is placed on storage area networks (SANs) to accelerate the organizations’ access to data. This increased pressure makes eliminating SAN congestion a key priority for many IT organizations. No need to worry; Cisco can help. In this webinar, alongside Miercom subject matter experts, we will discuss SAN congestion, Miercom's validation report for Cisco MDS, and how Cisco MDS prevents SAN congestion. A live demo is also included. Join us to learn how to prevent congestion from infecting your storage network.

The roundtable agenda includes:

  • What causes SAN congestion
  • How to identify and resolve SAN congestion before it impacts the business
  • Results from the Miercom performance validation report for Cisco MDS
  • Cisco Dynamic Ingress Rate Limiting (DIRL) live demo

There is also a Q&A with our team of experts.

Cisco Insider Series for Networking
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