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Automation and real-time orchestrated service assurance: Why they are the key drivers for speed to revenue, operational efficiency, differentiation, and exceptional customer experience in 5G infrastructures

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5G is the main driver enabling the evolution of mobile networks to distribute service-based architecture that fosters new revenue opportunities. The challenge is an increasingly complex network, where service assurance is not just a game changer but a necessary anchor for stability and success. In 5G, the predominant criteria for performance requirements are set based on diverse commercial use cases. Adopting/evolving the network to meet new stringent requirements for service assurance is a costly and challenging endeavor. Insight and end-to-end visibility into the network is essential. It is also critical that we capitalize on insights to take action to reduce any impact on the customer and their QoE. Satisfying customer commitments for SLA and other key QoE/QoS metrics, is critical and is no longer just a ‘nice to have’.

The commercial services provisioned through xG (5G/LTE/xG) will be the driver of revenue and the success of new service-based models. Slicing, MEC, 5G infrastructure assurance, etc., are key to these offerings. As such, lifecycle management of all of these new technologies and services will require an automated and orchestrated service assurance solution. Essentially, automation will become the key to not only offering differentiated services but also being able to satisfy customer expectations and commitments.

Accedian Skylight combined with Cisco Crosswork helps address these challenges as an integrated and automated service assurance solution. The overall solution enables Service Providers to create performance-aware transport infrastructure and to carry out proactive operations and interventions across multiple service domains.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why having best-in-class network and service level visibility and insight is critical to the success of 5G
  • What are the key drivers and challenges mandating Orchestrated Service Assurance?
  • How does Accedian Skylight and Cisco Crosswork come together to solve these challenges and what benefits are possible
  • Beyond automation and orchestration of service assurance, what does the future look like and what value and new use cases could be unlocked

Event led by:
John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Marketing,
Marc Austin, Head of Head of Strategy and Growth, Crosswork Network Automation, Cisco,
Jay Stewart, Director of Solutions Engineering, Accedian,
Paul Thompson, Director of Solution Engineering - Cisco Partnership, Accedian,

Originally Recorded: February 23rd, 2022