Digital Building Switches: Cisco DNA at the Building Edge

TechwiseTV Workshop

(Original Webinar March 29, 2017)

Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switches are new low-voltage Universal PoE switches, designed to converge LED lighting with HVAC, security, and other siloed systems used in commercial building applications. These switches are simple to install, safe from security threats typically associated with IoT endpoints, and, best of all, cost effective..

Our TechWiseTV webinar will explore innovative solutions designed in collaboration with our partner community and how our enterprise customers are using these smart switches.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Current state of building subsystems such as lighting, HVAC, and security, especially from the context of managing these applications.
  • Cisco’s blueprint for digital buildings
  • Introducing Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series Switches and unique attributes such as:
    • Switch Design
    • Installation options
    • Security offered by switch
    • Power features
  • Our growing partner ecosystem and solutions for enterprise customers

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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