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Routed Optical Networking , a performant and sustainable network infrastructure

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Routed Optical Networking provides a standard based architecture to finally achieve full IP and optical integration for both forwarding and management/automation plane. Routed Optical Networking leverages state of art integration of silicon photonics in optical pluggable and a standard based framework for automation to provide the best cost optimized, reliable and manageable network infrastructure.

In this session you will learn:
How Integration of pluggable optics inside routers drive capex down by 50% and reduce power consumption by 70%.
How the adoption of an open automation framework can reduce by 70% the time to operate and provide 80% faster time to service.
Have a live demonstration of how Routed Optical Networking can bring IP and optical to the next level of efficiency

Event led by:
Alberto Donzelli, Solution Architect
Oleksandr Litvin, Solution Architect

Originally Recorded: June 14th 2022