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Connecting IoT on Public and Private Networks

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IoT and 5G is a win-win: 5G technology is needed to enable many advanced IoT use cases, and therefore IoT will be a key driver for the 5G business. Cisco offers a unique solution connecting IoT devices via both the public and private networks using a common architecture.

In this session you will learn:
about the challenges that operators and service providers are facing to introduce new 5G technologies,
that Cisco is offering a unique solution to provide connectivity on both public and private networks using the Control Center and a core network as a service,
how the architecture enables the connected car use case as an example for a public network
and how the solution addresses the various scenarios of private 5G use cases in enterprise environments

Event led by:
Christian Falckenberg, Technical Solutions Architect Mobility
Bhupinder Singh, Technical Solutions Architect Mobility

Originally Recorded: June 28th 2022