New wireless and remote operational capabilities from Cisco IoT

Safety concerns, talent shortages, supply chain issues and digital blind spots hold back many organizations. To overcome, they are connecting and automating industrial environments and establishing remote operations. Deployments of AGVs, robots, tele-remote operations, and automatic data collection using sensors and cameras are growing. These use cases require:

  • Reliable fiber-like wireless connectivity in more places, supporting a broader range of applications
  • The ability to keep up with and secure the exponential growth of connected devices
  • Network solutions that meet operational requirements

Learn how Cisco’s newest industrial wireless and operation tools enable organizations to securely connect, automate and operate from anywhere at scale.

Watch this 35-minute on-demand webcast where we discuss:

  • How to meet new requirements in wireless networking and security
  • How operational networks can benefit from enterprise-grade capabilities
  • The latest Cisco innovations in industrial wireless technology from Wi-Fi 6 to fiber-like wireless connectivity
  • Improving IT and OT more efficiently through better visibility and enhanced tools to enable operations from anywhere
Connect, Automate, and Operate Anywhere
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