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Outstanding Operational Performance and Faster Automation with the Next Evolution of Cisco Crosswork Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) 

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As service provider and enterprise networks become increasingly fluid and complex, successful automation for delivering and managing services and customer needs across these networks depends on several factors. The ability to gain visibility and meaningful insights into these networks is fundamental to automation. However, the performance and efficiency of systems that can utilize actionable insights determine their bottom-line success.

In this session we’ll discuss the significant enhancements of Crosswork NSO, release version 6.0, and the business benefits that communication service providers can expect to achieve, including:

  • 9X performance boost for optimized NSO applications that help accelerate the addition of new services, devices, and workflows.
  • 3X performance enhancement using existing code without requiring changes to the stack.
  • Advanced developer tools that help speed the development and introduction of new services.

Event led by Mina Paik.
Date originally recorded: October 20, 2022.

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