Hybrid Cloud iDMZ Webinar Replay

The industrial demilitarized zone (iDMZ) is critical to secure industrial operations. But in a world where the IT/OT/cloud convergence requires new capabilities, it can become challenging to maintain iDMZ consistency across multiple sites and manage security policies at scale.

Watch our webinar replay to learn how a hybrid cloud iDMZ model can help you accelerate OT digitization while reducing complexity and maintaining industrial security. Here are the topics we discussed in this webinar:

  • What is the iDMZ and why is it key to securing industrial operations?
  • How can the cloud enhance the iDMZ without introducing new cyber threats?
  • What use cases does a hybrid cloud architecture enable?
  • How to go about deploying such an architecture?
Cisco Hybrid Clpud iDMZ Webinar
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