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Private 5G in "Mission-Critical" Logistics and Warehousing 

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Enterprises are looking to private 5G network to improve the management of their logistics and warehousing. Very often these logistical and warehousing requirements are quite critical. For example, just-in-time deliveries of parts to assemble products, or even more critical are emergency management agency and defense department requirements. Cisco and General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) have partners to deliver private 5G network solutions for these critical installations.

This includes high resiliency and security, as well as seamless integration with existing network architectures, while being simple to operate and deliver on a trusted platform and with trusted partners.

In this Cisco Knowledge Network webinar, you will learn about:

  • What makes a private 5G network capable of delivering mission-critical resiliency and security.
  • How this private network becomes an operational platform for critical interoperations. This includes drones, ground vehicles, and people using AR/VR embedded helmets to deliver consistent quality communications when a network failure is not an option.
  • How these examples can translate to more than government agencies
  • Improve supply chain efficacy with real-time asset and inventory tracking
  • Drive higher margins with improved loss prevention.

Event led by Ravi Guntupalli, Director Engineering, Cisco
Robert Smallwood, Vice President Digital Modernization and Enterprise IT, General Dynamics Information Technology
John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Marketing.

Date originally recorded: November 3, 2022.

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