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Metro network evolution with the NCS 5700

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Drive the metro network evolution with the NCS 5700. With the continued trend toward digital transformation and how and where applications and workloads live, cloud-native services are quickly pushing metro to center stage. Metro plays a key part in the end-to-end service value chain, and as such must be able to support the most stringent application SLA to preserve (and ideally elevate) the user experience. The NCS 5700 plays a critical role in this evolution and is perfectly positioned with innovations in performance, scale, automation, and optics. In this session, we’ll discuss the following:

  • Introduction of the new NCS-57D2-18DD for ultra-dense 400G aggregation
  • Latest hardware and IOS XR innovations around security
  • Programmable infrastructure enabled by the Cisco Converged SDN Transport architecture and SRv6, SR-MPLS, and EVPN
  • Network convergence and simplification with Routed Optical Networking.

Event led by Sid Singhal, Engineering Product Manager
Akshaya Kumar Sankaran, Engineering Product Manager
Deepak Balasubramanian, Technical Marketing Engineer

Date originally recorded : November 8, 2022.

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