Evolving Enterprise Networks with Private 5G

service provider webinar

Private 5G has generated much interest in the enterprise IT community as it promises to improve connectivity over existing Wi-Fi-based solutions. While the 5G claim for improved connectivity over legacy Wi-Fi is true, there are many details that need to be considered to make a fair comparison. In most cases, a heterogeneous multi-access wireless solution using a combination of Wi-Fi6 and private 5G is most effective with the lowest TCO. In this webinar, we’ll examine several foundational aspects of private 5G networks for enterprises, including: prominent, current deployment models of private 5G, disaggregated radio models and benefits for enterprise, roaming and mobility ramifications in enterprise use cases, and end-to-end security requirements. The session will include a demo of Cisco's Private 5G solution to show how it can help simplify both 5G and IoT operations for enterprise digital transformation.

In this Cisco Knowledge Network webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How private 5G networks are driving the next generation of business-critical applications that open a world of IoT services
  • Why a private network becomes an operational platform for critical interoperations
  • How Cisco and its managed service provider partners take the complexity out of private 5G and IoT.

Date Originally recorded: January 18, 2023
Led by Azita Kia, Sr. Product Manager, Mobility CTO office at Cisco

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