Improve your data center network efficiency with 400G optics

service provider webinar

Data center network efficiency is vastly improved with 400G optics. Technology innovation has lowered power, space, and cost per bit with the QSFP-DD form factor capable of supporting distances from short copper reaches to longer fiber runs. This has yielded greater flexibility for data center network architects who can benefit from a more common approach to designing data center fabrics, server interconnects, and optical interconnects. With a strategic approach to designing 400G networks in your data center, you can improve the efficiency and reliability of your data center links to deliver the experiences your customers expect. In this webinar, we’ll explore data center network design considerations to enable migrations from existing 100G equipment to 400G, deployments of high port density platforms for increasingly demanding use cases, breakout applications for high-density switch and server connectivity, and a path towards 800G adoption.

Date Originally recorded: January 26, 2023
Event Led by: Errol Roberts, Distinguished Architect

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