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Cisco Crosswork Network Automation: The Critical Role of the SDN Controller in 5G Transport Slicing

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5G network slicing is an important aspect of 5G networks and is intended to allow differentiated and guaranteed services to address varying customer needs. As a key element of end-to-end network slicing, transport slicing is critical to provide low latency or high bandwidth services. The role of an SDN controller in this environment is to effectively manage the size and complexity of the network, which will continue to experience increases in both traffic and the number of connected devices. It will monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and service level objectives and must integrate into the overall end-to-end slicing architecture and orchestration.

This session will explore how an SDN controller can be utilized to more effectively operate the network and do so at scale. More specifically, we’ll review how the controller can help service providers to: Efficiently plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize the dynamic network Simplify operations, hiding the complex underlying techniques used in transport slicing and the 5G transport architecture Implement 5G standards from 3GPP, IETF, ORAN, and other standards bodies Simplify multi-vendor deployment and the required integrations

We’ll also present use cases that are needed to efficiently manage and optimize 5G transport slicing, with focus on intent-based provisioning, real-time optimization, congestion handling, and service assurance capabilities.

Event led by:
Eric Ortheau, Product Manager