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Building a Routed Optical Network for Practical Deployment and Customer Migration

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What is Routed Optical Networking? It’s a Cisco innovation that transforms a complex multilayer network into a simplified architecture that converges IP and optical layers, thus streamlining network operations, enabling end to end automation and ultimately significant cost savings and better customer experience.

Learn how to transform your network by building a converged IP and optical infrastructure through a set of practical use cases that are aligned to your business initiatives.

Attendees will get an up-close view of taking on the RON journey with practical considerations, including:

  • What architectural challenges that Routed Optical Networking addresses
  • Key components of Routed Optical Networking based IP and Optical convergence
  • Business benefits by Routed Optical Networking
  • Why and how to build a Routed Optical Networking journey
  • A list of Routed Optical Networking insertion points and use cases
  • Sample Routed Optical Networking journeys plus one detailed example of a Routed Optical Networking adoption scenario