Cisco SD-WAN Network Wide Path Insight Video on Demand

As we are now migrating to cloud and SaaS applications faster than ever IT admins are continuously facing increased visibility and monitoring challenges for cloud-based applications that are critical for their business.

Cisco SD-WAN provides several built-in tools for network administrators. One of those tools is Network Wide Path Insight (NWPI). In the past, network operators would need to run packet captures, CLI commands and separate troubleshooting utilities to validate performance and optimization of their WAN solution. Now, with Network Wide Path Insight, operators can trace real traffic, identify specific flows, and follow the processes and policies on a Cisco SD-WAN router in just a matter of minutes on single vManage UI using real traffic without specialized skills or multiple screens.

See how NWPI works high-level and how it can be used with a demo on validating Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for SaaS optimization and Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) First Packet Match.

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