Webinar: How to reduce cyber risks as you digitize your roadways infrastructure

Thursday, September 14th
8:00 AM PT | 5:00 PM CET

As you drive improvements in efficiency and safety by modernizing your transportation infrastructure and deploying Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), you need to connect numerous assets alongside your roadways. These include traffic signal controllers, remote weather stations, cameras, variable message signs, pedestrian detectors, and more. However, how do you ensure cybersecurity for your ITS infrastructure?

In this webinar, we’ll highlight how you can safeguard roadway infrastructure from cyber threats. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Identify connected assets and assess their security posture.
  • Ensure only your assets can connect to your network.
  • Apply zero-trust to roadways.
  • Control remote access to field assets.
  • Easily enable cybersecurity at scale across your infrastructure.
  • Identify funding available to help you accelerate your projects.


Featured Speakers

Cassie McEnroe
Public Sector Sales Lead, Cisco IoT

Pete Kavanagh
Roadways Solutions Architect, Cisco IoT

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