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Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection: Use Your Routers as the First Line of Defense Against DDoS Attacks

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Stop boosting DDoS defenses by backhauling access and peering traffic to scrubbing centers. There’s an alternative to cost-prohibitive solutions that impede the performance of low-latency applications.

Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection is the industry’s first true on-box DDoS protection solution. It integrates detection and mitigation with select Cisco IOS XR routers to establish the network edge as a first line of defense. Our solution dynamically monitors and mitigates zero-day and known attacks. Better yet, you can extend DDoS protection at hyperscale while meeting the latency requirements of applications.

Watch this session to:

  • View solution capabilities and customer test results demonstrating efficacy and impact
  • Watch a demo of the solution and learn more about how it works
  • Walk through implementation and integration as part of the wider network and security framework
  • Explore how the solution complements and expands upon existing DDoS defense capabilities

Originally Recorded: July 27th 2023

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