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Accelerating 5G Success: Unleashing the Benefits of a Converged Core Network

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With the promise of faster and more reliable connectivity, 5G is enabling new and innovative applications and services. However, the network transformation from legacy 4G architectures to a 5G service-based architecture has proved to be a daunting task. That's why we believe this journey is best made with partners you can trust.

At the center of 5G innovation is the core. The 5G Core is a rethinking of how we have done things in the past, yet maintains backward compatibility with the 4G LTE era while adding profound benefits for 5G. Cisco's Converged Core gateway is a powerful and innovative solution that can optimize your networking infrastructure as you adopt new technologies.

Watch as we explore the advantages of a converged 5G core network and how it can improve network efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enable new revenue streams for service providers. We also share Cisco's strategy to drive accelerated adoption of 5G SA by overcoming adoption hurdles and a demo of our cloud-based solution.

May 23, 2023

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