Build High Performance Ethernet Fabrics
for AI/ML Networks
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In this webinar, we explore how Ethernet network fabrics are evolving to meet the demands of modern applications—supporting lossless fabrics, low latency, congestion management, and more.

Seamus Crehan, President of Crehan Research, and Thomas Scheibe, VP of product management, Cisco Networking, discuss the data center switching industry landscape and the need for high performance Ethernet fabrics to meet the networking demands of the massive size and growing complexity of generative AI . AI/ML workloads have very stringent infrastructure requirements, requiring low latency and lossless networks with the need for visibility into hot spots so they can be tuned appropriately.

Learn why Cisco data center networking with Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Cisco Nexus 9000 Series are well poised for the transition to 400G/800G—providing the right congestion management mechanisms, telemetry capabilities, port speeds, and latency to build a modern high-performance AI/ML network fabric.


  • Data Center Switch Market overview, growth forecasts, and speed transitions.
  • Overview of 400G drivers
  • The evolution of SerDes transitions
  • AL/ML networking requirements with high performance and lossless Ethernet fabrics,
  • An AI/ML network blueprint for enterprises

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