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Building the Internet for the Future with Sustainable Deployment Models

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Cisco’s vision to help power the Internet for the Future means consistently providing new capabilities based on the latest innovations that service providers can readily adopt. The session will uncover new products and solutions that are designed to provide high-performance networks and high-quality services — all while helping you meet your sustainability objectives.

The session will include three key tracks along with a demo:

  • Cisco 8608 Router, which delivers 12.8T of capacity in a power/footprint efficient device for service provider use cases in aggregation, core, and cloud networks

  • Cisco Silicon One, including the Q200, which delivers a unified architecture for routing with lower power consumption

  • Cisco Crosswork Network Controller, which provides unified visibility and control of your IP network for enabling highly differentiated services at scale

Event led by:
Swayam Sarangi, Engineering Product Manager
Vishakha Mysore Vedavyas, Engineering Product Manager

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