Securing Energy Infrastructure with
SD-WAN Automation


As your power distribution and renewable energy production sites are widely distributed, you need advanced networking solutions to connect and protect grid assets and control systems against cyber threats. Whether you are operating grid substations, solar or wind farms, hydro or geothermal sites, you need a wide area network that can scale to several thousands of locations and is easy to manage and secure… remotely!

In this webinar, we’ll highlight how power utilities and renewable energy companies can benefit from SD-WAN to run and secure their production and distribution infrastructures. We’ll cover:

  • What is SD-WAN and how it applies to renewable energy infrastructures.
  • How to create a secure and resilient SD-WAN architecture.
  • Key cybersecurity capabilities in SD-WAN.
  • How to automate network configuration and policy management.
  • How to monitor connected assets and detect abnormal behaviors.
  • How to control remote access to field assets.

Featured Speakers

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith:
Utilities Solutions Architect, Cisco Industrial IoT

Jeffrey Tufts

Jeffrey Tufts:
Director of Global Utility Solutions, Cisco

Andrew McPhee

Andrew McPhee:
Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Cisco Industrial IoT

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