Three Ways to Securely Digitize Roadways Infrastructure


Wednesday, April 10th, 2024
8:00 AM PT | 5:00 PM CET 

Departments of Transportation (DoT's), cities, counties and transport agencies worldwide are focusing on digitization of their roadways infrastructure to improve safety, reduce congestion and to improve their operational efficiency. At the same time, they are preparing to support future transportation innovations such as Connected Vehicle technologies, provide new mobility services, and support electric vehicles on their roads. Supporting these services requires flexible connectivity, and support for high bandwidth, low latency communication. As a result, organizations are modernizing existing roadways network infrastructure.

Reducing cyber risks is top of mind, and so CISOs, IT and traffic operations leaders need to ensure that they have security capabilities built into their solutions from the start, and that the network remains secure as new capabilities are enabled and scale increases.

Join this webinar to learn, with real-world examples, how Cisco can help you to successfully modernize your digital roadways infrastructure, while achieving cost savings and improving efficiency, with:

  • Secure and resilient network connectivity at the roadside, with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) built-in to protect your roadside equipment
  • Solutions that support the needs of CISOs, IT and traffic operations and drive IT/ OT collaboration
  • A foundation for growth, enabling you to scale-up and support new, innovative applications for the future
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Featured Speakers

Pete Kavanagh

Pete Kavanagh
Roadways Solutions Principal Architect, Cisco Industrial IoT

Cassie McEnroe

Cassie McEnroe
Public Sector Sales Lead, Cisco Industrial IoT

Alex Clark

Alex Clark
Transportation Vertical Market Lead, Cisco Industrial IoT