Get More for Less with the New Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Series Switch

(Original webcast September 1, 2015)

According to Visual Networking Index, the volume of data traveling over your network will triple in just four years. Video and other bandwidth-intensive applications continue to proliferate, causing campus network traffic to grow exponentially. Meanwhile, your employees are connecting to your network with more mobile devices, creating added background traffic even when they are not in active use as well as the need to service them securely and reliably.

As if these trends weren't challenging enough, wireless connectivity speed is increasing with the widespread adoption of Gigabit Wi-Fi (802.11ac), enabling a network that is three times faster with 1.3 Gbps capacity. 802.11ac Wave 2, which is just coming online, will more than double that.

All this means your access switch links will need to move to pervasive 10G and even 40G, probably sooner rather than later, in order to handle the onslaught of high-bandwidth traffic and keep your users happy and productive. However, many network engineers have been reluctant to upgrade, primarily for cost reasons.

Now, discover how Cisco has changed the economics in your favor at this live 60-minute webcast. Deep dive the new Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Series Switch and see how it delivers more for less with up to 40 high-density 10G ports plus two 40G native uplinks in a compact 2-rack (2RU) form factor that fits both tight spaces and limited IT budgets.

Learn how this small but mighty fixed backbone switch enables you to accelerate traffic all across your campus with plenty of support for high-bandwidth applications plus all the Cisco software capabilities of the larger Cisco Catalyst switch models. Get design and deployment scenarios and find out how the Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Series can solve your performance and budget challenges with:

  • Native 40G connectivity to eliminate traffic slowdowns
  • High availability with virtual switching and 1+1 power redundancy
  • Scale and support for real-time applications with no traffic loss
  • Simplified switch deployment with Cisco Instant Access
  • Increased network visibility with Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow
  • Enhanced security with Cisco TrustSec

Discover why the Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Series Switch can help you future-proof your network cost-effectively.

Topics discussed include:

  • Review of latest data traffic trends
  • Challenge for campus backbones
  • Simplified switch deployment with Cisco Instant Access
  • Introduction to the newest Cisco Catalyst 6840-X Series Switch
  • Technical details
  • Design and deployment scenarios

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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