Stopping Security Threats with Your Network's Built-In Defenses

(Original webcast April 26, 2016)

As organizations rush to embrace digitization, the traditional client/server model is rapidly evolving to a network-centric one. With the rise of the cloud, mobile computing, the proliferation of BYOD, and the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies and their employees are increasingly connected to users, data, and even applications beyond the safe confines of the traditional enterprise network perimeter.

Today, IT organizations no longer have tight control of the desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. Further, the continued proliferation of BYOD and IoT devices connecting to the corporate network means that IT will have to support and secure five times the number of endpoints by 2020 compared to today, greatly increasing the potential attack surface.

These trends have created a whole new set of security challenges for IT. Gone are the days when you could simply erect a digital firewall around the enterprise network. Traditional endpoint security still has its place but is no longer adequate. ZK Research estimates that 80 percent of breaches now occur inside the business and not outside the perimeter.

In this environment, organizations must adopt a threat-centric security strategy that focuses on efficiently identifying and locating real threats and suspicious behavior on the network and quickly isolating these threats before they cause damage.

The good news is that most of the tools you need to implement this approach are already embedded in your network. You just need to activate them. Using live demos, this 60-minute webcast will show you how.

From Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, you will also hear the latest findings about the changing nature of the threats you face and learn why you need to adopt a whole new way of looking at security.

Discover how easy it is to turn on your network’s built-in defense capabilities and transform it into a comprehensive, yet simple-to-manage security sensor and policy enforcer. See live demos of Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco TrustSec, and Cisco StealthWatch. Learn how these solutions, working together, enable you to gain deep visibility and control so you can:

  • Efficiently detect attacks and breaches on your network
  • Make sure of policy-based access control, regardless of device or location
  • Quickly contain attacks through network segmentation
  • Assist compliance requirements more easily
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches

Learn how to transform your network into an effective security solution using its built-in resources.

Topics discussed include:

  • Current research findings about today’s threat landscape from Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research
  • Why traditional endpoint security is no longer adequate
  • Using your network’s built-in capabilities to adopt a threat-centric security strategy
  • See demos of:
    • Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow
    • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
    • Cisco TrustSec
    • Cisco StealthWatch

    Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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