CKN: Very Fast and Flexible Cloud/NFV Solution Stacks

Event Summary

NFV and virtualized high-performance applications such as video processing require a carrier-grade solution stack that provides for very high and predictable performance, scalability, and open extensibility. It is the lack of efficient vswitch solutions that makes many service providers still use SR-IOV, leading to many operational constraints and a slowed down adoption of NFV. The Vector Packet Processor (VPP) developed by the project is a very fast software data plane that offers the expected level of performance and extensibility.

This session will introduce and discuss a set of solution stacks that integrates with OpenStack and OpenDaylight. The session will touch on:
  • VPP architecture, performance, feature set, and roadmap.
  • The architecture of networking-vpp, an ml2 driver for OpenStack.
  • OPNFV solution stacks that include, which developed, integrated, and tested as part of the OPNFV FastDataStacks project. FastDataStacks composes NFV solution stacks that provide for direct integration of and OpenStack, as well as solution stacks that use OpenDaylight as a network controller for Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking.

Live Webcast May 31th, 2017 - Recording now available

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