CKN: A Global NFV/SDN Study - Service provider SDN/NFV Transformation Guide

Event Summary

Service providers are transforming their business using NFV based services and SDN enabled networks. But the pace of transformation has been slow. To find out why, Cisco recently conducted a study to understand the progress and challenges that SPs are facing as they go through this transformation. Even though most operators interviewed were at an early stage of the journey, we identified some of the key success factors. We also identified some of the major challenges they faced and how they were able to overcome those challenges.

This session will focus on the findings of the study but also provide insight into:
  • The transformation pathways that these operators took
  • The top 10 challenges they faced
  • Recommendations on how to overcame the challenges
Come learn about this study and the exciting new things we learned.

Live Webcast June 7th, 2017 - Recording Now Available
8:00AM PT/11:00AM ET/15:00 GMT

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