The Factory of the Future Trainings & Webinar Series

Interested in network training? Get started in the Cisco Certified Network Associate Industrial (CCNA Industrial) certification to help bring IT and industrial networks together.

The below on-demand manufacturing webinars demonstrate how digitization will propel your manufacturing business.

Cybersecurity, Manufacturing

Top Five Things System Integrators Should Know To Expand Their Business

Cisco, Panduit and CSIA came together to share the state of manufacturing, benefits of managed switching, design guides for the factory network, security use cases and integration opportunities, wireless considerations and physical infrastructure components. Access this webinar to explore resources such as the Panduit One Program, CCNA certificate and discounts to IIPA training.

Cybersecurity, Manufacturing

Cyber Risk in Advanced Manufacturing

Get key findings and recommendations from a MAPI/Deloitte study on cyber risk in advanced manufacturing.

Real World Deployments for Industrial Applications

Real-world applications for IIoT and learnings from actual case studies around infrastructure, analytics and visibility that are driving true economic value across organizations

Convergence of IT and OT through Connected Factory

Have you maximized automation of your processes, reduced downtime, and increased productivity?

Discover Cisco Manufacturing

Manufacturers are improving business operations with the power of industrial security and digitization.