CKN: Next-Gen Network Telemetry is Within Your Packets: In-Band OAM

Live Webcast, June 28, 2017
Recording Now Available

While troubleshooting or planning a network, did you ever wish to get full insight into which paths *all* your packets take in your network, understand whether your SLA is really in place, or were you ever asked to prove that your traffic really follows the path you specified by service chaining or traffic engineering? We approach this problem by adding meta-data to *all* packets. In-band OAM adds forwarding path information and other information/stats to every data packet - as opposed to relying on probe packets, which is the traditional method that tools like ping or traceroute use. This session will introduce In-band OAM, explain the technology, discuss implementation and standardization status, and outline the reference implementation in and OpenDaylight using example demos.

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