IPS Myths Debunked

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IPS is stale, legacy technology. NGFWs do everything IPSs do. These are just a couple of the myths that lead many to miss the value dedicated intrusion prevention systems provide to an organization. In fact, IPS devices remain an important part of an effective network security program and critical to mitigate risk and protect against today’s network cyberattacks.

In this on-demand webinar, Rob Ayoub, Research Director at IDC, and Cisco’s Jason Wright dispel these myths, sharing research and insights on:

• IPS market growth and the drivers behind it
• The numerous use cases a dedicated IPS can effectively address
• Key considerations as you integrate IPS within your security architecture

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Jason Wright
Sr. Manager, Vertical and Solutions Marketing

Rob Ayoub
CISSP Research Director
Security Products and Solutions, Networking Security and Security and Vulnerability