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Use Data Science for Effective Network Operations

Live Webcast, September 6, 2017
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Data science has the potential to transform the way service provider (SP) network operations is done. However, the trick is how to do it such that it actually provides clear business value, embedded into the SP operations workflow, and leveraging the expert knowledge combined with the data.

As SP’s adopt cloud scale networking characterized by model driven programmability, telemetry, and virtualization, SP operations teams have to deal with a dynamic network with unprecedented change, scale and complexity. The old-school static models of collecting a few metrics through SNMP and managing the heath of the network based on static thresholds, is no longer optimal.

In this dynamic SP network environment, it is extremely difficult to predefine and determine what will or could go wrong. Relying on the human correlation processes and manual methods that have been in place for the past several decades, are no longer effective. It is critical to continuously learn specific patterns from the network environment across metrics. Data science techniques can provide the new ability to proactively and automatically discover issues & patterns from data that might otherwise go undetected for a period of time.

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