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Fast Tracking Network Automation – Leveraging Itential Pronghorn and Cisco NSO for Simplified Automation

Live Webcast, October 3, 2017
Recording Now Available

Traditional Network Management and OSS systems are being replaced by model-driven programmable platforms. This platform approach replaces vertically integrated systems which have stifled innovation and service and operational velocity.

Network Automation is a reality now that network devices are being built with programmable interfaces such as NETCONF/YANG and APIs. NSO is a foundational orchestration layer which provides programmable capabilities supporting a variety of automation use-cases.

The session will include a demo of the Pronghorn Application Platform with NSO, including robust workflow and model-drive capabilities focused on Service Lifecycle Management and Maintenance activities. Participants will gain an understanding of the network management and service development challenges posed by automation and virtualization. They will additionally learn why choosing the right orchestration architecture is crucial to accelerating operational and service velocity.

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