Do you need an agile, efficient, and adaptive IT infrastructure?

This whitepaper tells you the top 5 reasons Cisco HyperFlex is the solution for you.

Networking automation

Intelligent end-to-end automation—including networking automation.

Unified management for all workloads

With a single vCenter plug-in, you can manage your physical and virtual hyperconverged infrastructure through a single, intuitive interface.

Independent resource scaling

Cisco HyperFlex Systems include a purpose-built, high-performance distributed file system that expands the boundaries of hyperconverged infrastructure

Single data center architecture based on Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS provides the foundation for cloud computing, business-critical applications, software development, and big data deployments in data centers and remote- and branch-office locations.

Greater virtual machine density and lower and more consistent latency

Cisco HyperFlex systems achieve significantly greater performance than competing solutions, allowing you to run up to three times more virtual machines.

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