Hands on Encrypted Traffic Analytics
TechWiseTV Workshop

Original Webinar January 17, 2018)

Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) identifies malicious communications in encrypted traffic through passive monitoring and is essential to the governance of your cryptographic compliance across your digital business. ETA works using a new type of network telemetry exported by Cisco routers and switches which is processed by Stealthwatch using machine learning-based analytics

For those who are new to Encrypted Traffic Analytics, Cisco security experts will provide an overview of the solution and walk step-by-step through this analytics pipeline. The journey begins with your own Cisco routers and switches configured to export this new telemetry. Essential data features from these encrypted session are sent to Stealthwatch, a powerful analytics engine that aggregates data from across your digital business. Finally, analytics are performed on the encrypted sessions to rapidly identify malware campaigns, without decryption.

Join us for this hands on demonstration and learn how easy it is to experience the value of Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • An overview of the solution with all the components in the value chain
  • Demonstration
    • Configuration of the telemetry exporters (routers/Switches)
    • Configuration of Stealthwatch
    • Using Stealthwatch for Cryptographic Compliance
    • Using Stealthwatch for Malware Detection without decryption
  • The future of network telemetry

      Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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