(CAA) Cisco Active Advisor

(Original webinar January 24, 2018)

Reduce network risk and boost security with Cisco Active Advisor

Stay up to date on the health of your network and analyze your network risk with our free service called Cisco Active Advisor. A highly secure, automated network discovery can be done in just minutes. Save time and money and get more out of your network.

This session demonstrates how Active Advisor:

  • Discovers networking equipment
  • Examines security and stability alerts that apply to network devices
  • Monitors product lifecycle and service coverage
  • Active Advisor also gives you a suite of analytical tools that can benchmark your network against Cisco Validated Designs.

    You will also learn how Active Advisor can help you perform multiple readiness assessments for new advanced features and solutions.

    Live Q&A included

    Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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