How to Quickly Adopt New Technologies to Innovate Faster

TechWiseTV Workshop

(Original Webinar February 28, 2018)

Take a deep dive with Cisco Technical Services experts to discover how businesses can quickly and securely adopt new technologies to innovate faster with Cisco Solution Support and Software Support.

You will learn:

  • What service and technology onboarding and adoption capabilities are available, including software usage planning and analytics, consumption monitoring, optimization recommendations, solution JumpStart training, and more.
  • How to take advantage of these features to maximize the value and use of your new technology.
  • What benefits you will gain, such as being able to deploy solutions and open support cases much faster.

You’ll walk away understanding how Cisco Services onboarding and adoption can help you unlock the value of your service, products, and solution, grow the skills of your team, and increase the benefits to your business.

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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