A Roadmap for Transport Network Modernization Ebook

A Roadmap for Transport Network Modernization

Service providers, you have a problem. Although much of the infrastructure in your optical transport networks is working, and innovations continue, major problems within your legacy SONET/SDH network architecture have become a significant barrier to business growth.

In our new E-Book, A Roadmap for Transport Network Modernization, we've assembled a go-to guide for modernizing your transport network. Starting with a review of the present day problem, we delve into the business and technical requirements and we provide you with an easy-to-use requirements checklist. Next we explain how the different technology options can be used to modernize your network. We conclude with an discussion of the Cisco solution, which uses high-density circuit-emulation (CEM) technology to provide you with a cost-effective network modernization path, while still supporting TDM services.

PDF (3.6 MB)

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