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Exploring the Major Technology Transitions of the Media Industry and the Exciting Opportunities to be Unleashed

Live Webcast, September 4th, 2019
Cisco Knowledge Network Recording Now Available:

The Media production industry is undergoing two major technology transitions. The first being the change of media transport - from media specific interconnects (SDI) into IP based networks. The move to IP networks enables the second transition, which consists of converting media production appliances to software deployments running in “regular” IT data centers capable of supporting media over IP and with a virtualized compute infrastructure.

Join us for this webinar where we will be exploring these two major transitions as well as looking at how Cisco data center technology can support them, by providing the hardware and the orchestration software needed to enable broadcasters to run virtualized media production applications.

In the second half we will also be discussing the future of the Media Industry and the exciting opportunities unleashed by having a fully virtualized IP based media data center together with the explosion of access bandwidth provided by rising technologies like 5G and WiFi6. These evolutions will provide new immersive experiences impacting almost every aspect of people’s life: entertainment, education, commuting, sports, etc.

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